Our Philosophy

    Being around dogs my entire life, I understand what is important when you are searching for someone to care for, exercise and train your dog. When I started Home Away From Home K9 Care in 2011, I wanted dog owners to feel like their dogs were being treated like part of a family while they were away. That is how I approach the dogs under my care - how I would treat my own dog. With my extensive knowledge of animal care and behavior, I will ensure your dog has a rewarding experience so they will be excited to return again and again. You and your dog becomes an honorary member of the family. They will love their 2nd home! During their vacation or daycare, your pup will have fun interacting with me, my husband, my sons and my dog, Emma. They will have exercise, play, socialization and enrichment all throughout the day. They will be the ones on vacation! I also offer private training! While training, I believe the best way to interact with your dog is to first understand how dogs think. We work as a team to tackle the issues together and give you the tools for future success for both you and your dog. Under my care your loved-one will have a perfect balance of play, freedom and structure.

My home truly becomes your dog's home away from home.

                                                                           ~Kari & Emma Ramirez                                                
Why choose me?

I am a dog owner and overall animal lover.
I  have years of animal training experience through PetSmart and SeaWorld.
Private home boarding, family environment.
Smaller number of dogs = personalized care.
Celebrating six years as a company!
Experience in dog behavior, I make sure you dog is happy and comfortable.

          Pet First Aid Certified