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Quotes from clients

"Carlee is doing so well at home. I think all the work we've been putting in to keep her exercised and challenged is paying off. We have minimal (if any) craziness at home in the evenings. Thank you!" -daycare

"Martha must have liked it at your house because she was not upset or angry at us as all...she usually does not talk to us for at least a couple of days when we leave her somewhere overnight" -boarding

"Thank you SO much, I really appreciate all the time you spend with her. Hopefully she "babysits" Emma for you in exchange for having so much fun!" -daycare

"Thank you so much, Kari, I never thought I would find a person like you" -boarding

New At Home Away From Home K9 Care

Happy birthday to us! In August we turned 6 years old! Thank you to all those that continue to support us and allow us take care and love your dogs.


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