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December 14, 2011
Why should my puppy go to school?
Why should my puppy go to school? Getting a puppy is a new and exciting time. So many expectations, so much information and so much work! It may seem silly to some, but enrolling your pup in a puppy preschool should be given high priority. Why is it so important? One of the most important things that you can do for your puppy at a young age is socialize her. Puppies are in the socialization stage of the dog only until about 5 months of age. During this stage your dog is more receptive to investigating new things. This is the best time to make good impression about the world around them. Things that we take for granted like other dogs, car rides, new places, children, new people all can be something that will stress your dog out later in life if they are not positively exposed early on. Puppy preschool tackles a lot of the socialization issues in a safe, healthy environment. Another good reason for enrolling in a puppy class is information. By enrolling in a class, you have expert on-hand to ask all of your many questions that you will have as you raise your new fury family member. This will give you and your pup a great start to your relationship. You have someone whom you will see on a regular basis that can answer all your questions as they arise. A typical puppy class will be anywhere from six to eight weeks and usually cover topics such as potty training, mouthing, jumping, walking on a leash and basic behaviors and more. Finally, training. When you start training your puppy early (and they can learn at a very early age) you are beginning with a clean slate. The old saying “you can’t train and old dog new tricks” is not really true. You just have to break old bad habits first and that makes it more difficult. If your dog starts off understanding that they have to sit to be greeted by friends, to walk along side you on a leash, to take treats and toys gently from your hand....then that is the way your dog will always behave. Remember, like in my earlier blog Dogs are not human, all manners must be trained. As you can see there is a huge upside to enrolling your puppy in a puppy preschool class. Even if you don’t have your puppy yet start looking around for a class that works for you. One more quick note: make sure you ask what type of training style the trainer uses. All training with a young puppy should be positive reinforcement training. These early experience should be happy and fun to create a well-balanced dog. Make sure you are comfortable with the methods that you will be using.