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January 14, 2012
Repost: How did I get here?
Since it is a new year, a newly designed website, I thought I would revisit my journey on how Home Away From Home K9 Care was born. Enjoy this repost from September 2011... I had a love for animals at a young age. Our house was always filled with dogs, cats, hamsters and birds. But it was when I was nine years old that I really knew taking care of animals was to be my life's goal. I grew up in Arizona and that summer we went to SeaWorld for the first time. I had done a report on dolphins earlier that year in school and knew I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I spent the rest of my younger life trying to make this happen, even against people telling me it would not happen. I read all kinds of books on marine life, in high school I took a class in marine biology (yes I found one in AZ), took jobs working with animals, getting SCUBA certified and finally began taking college courses in zoology. All for the goal of one day being a dolphin trainer. I would tell people I would either work at SeaWorld or be homeless in life. ( no joke! ) After a year of community college I transferred to the University of San Diego and changed my major to psychology. It was then I realized I that not only did I love animals but I loved learning theory and I loved training. I took as many psych courses that focused on learning theory that my major would allow. Now, we all know that life is never a straight path, I ended up back in Arizona to finish my degree at Arizona State University. But I would not be deterred! As I was finishing up my degree I applied for a tour guide position back at SeaWorld and I got it! I packed my bags and left for SD to live out my dream. I ended up spending eleven great years working there. I achieved my goal training and caring for an number of different amazing marine species such as dolphins, killer whales, pinnipeds, polar bears, beluga whales...just to name a few. During the early part of my career I also began teaching dog training classes at PetsMart on the side. I really fell in love with it. I love working with both the owners and the dogs. I found it so rewarding to see the positive change that happened when people truly understood their dogs and dog behavior. I was not only teaching their dog how to do behaviors but teaching the owners how to integrate an animal into human family life. I eventually left PetsMart to focus full-time on SeaWorld, but still missed those experiences. After my son was born, my life started on a new path. My main focus shifted from my career to my family. I wanted to find away to mesh both my love of animals and my love of family together. That is how Home Away From Home K9 Care was born! During the journey I have learned never to give up on a dream that you are truly passionate about and never be afraid to try new things.
Done and done.