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April 29, 2012
I bought a nightlight

Home Away From Home K9 Care

When I decided to venture out on my own and start a business that involves caring for and training other peoples' dogs, I knew one think right away-I would treat them like they were one of my own. The pups and their owners become part of our extended family. So I began doing all of the "business stuff" like organizing a home office, creating a website, adding my profile to other sites, coming up with marketing ideas and spreading the word about my new company. I also began collecting dog things like bowls, beds and treats. But it was really only when I made one purchase that I knew my philosophy had become second nature to me. I bought a nightlight. I wanted the dogs to be comfortable while they slept in our living room, in a new environment. I wanted there to be a soft glow so they would not be laying in the dark with all the new sounds and smells. There are many extra things I do the for the dogs that are in my care and my number one priority will always be creating a home away from home.

Pawprint nightlight from The Animal Rescue Site